Midi track to audio track

hello, i have cubase elements 10 and a yamaha moxf. I have recorded a number of midi tracks and would like to convert them into an audio track. But if I try to do the tracks via audio mixdown I don’t see anything on my audio track at the end of the audio mixdown except a line. Who can help me please?

Regards Johnny

Did you import the mixed down audio file back into the project?

Hello KHS, ik have import but the audio mixdown file’s are empty.

  1. You need to connect the stero out of your motif to the stereo in of your audio interface.
  2. In your Cubase project, create an Audio track with Stereo input as source
  3. Set up your left/right locators and Solo your Motif Midi track
  4. Record on the Audio track

Don’t forget, you can not mixdown a Midi track to get some Audio because the Midi track is just Midi data, not sounds. You have to record the Audio from your Motif via the Midi data.

Hey DigisoundMode i will try.

ok ok Digisounds, maybe you can help me further. I use a Yamaha moxf8 and a mox6. i connected them both to my laptop with cubase elements 10 both via a usb.
The Moxf has an integrated audio interface. I can use the A / D inputs for analog instruments. (I use the mox6 to control sounds from my moxf)

In cubase I have an Audiofile as a guide and a number of miditracks I can listen to them all via the headphone output.

Do I now have to loop the output L / R from the moxf8 to the A / D input of my Moxf ??
I try to understand and follow.

No, but you probably need to put your keyboard in DAW mode. Look in the manual for the keyboard how to do that.

Hey DigisoundMode it works, i have create in cubase stereo In2 and stereo Ou. An its record a miditrack to audiofil. But i must figure out how to create for several miditrack convert to seperate audiofile. For so far i can create one for one Thanks a lot.

You can only do one at a time with Cubase Elements. You need Cubase Pro (Or maybe just Artist, not sure) to do batch exports and to use render in place.
Anyway as it is functioning as an external instrument you can only do it in real time so no real benefit to be able to do multiple files at a time.

Thanks KHS for the info.

If itˋs recording external Instruments to audio, you do not need Cubase pro or artist, Ou need an interface with multiple inputs and an instrument with multiple outputs.
And the benefit to do multiple files at a time for realtime recording is obviously that you donˋt have to do real time several times.

I never said he couldn’t use external instruments in Elements, just that he cannot use batch export and RiP.
Obviously, if his audio interface have enough inputs he can do more at a time, but only if he has a dedicated instrument to each track, which it seems he doesn’t, so only 1 at a time.