MIDI Track to MediaBay presets?

Surly there must be a way to route a MIDI track to VST Presets in the MediaBay, just like you can play your MIDI keyboard to audition sounds in MediaBay. What am I missing? :confused:

with instrument track no problem,but midi track ??? :confused:

well, naw, I didn’t explain myself. I wanted to not only select sounds but I wanted the full MediaBay view up on screen so I could change columns and settings and whatnot. If you open MediaBay and select a vstpreset you can play the sound from your MIDI keyboard but not from a MIDI Track. Can you somehow do that from an Instrument Track? I can’t figure out how.

There is a popup menu in the Previewer where you can select a source. Available sources are Memo Recorder and a MIDI file. Here I thought there ought to be a “Selected MIDI/Instrument Track” option but apparently not? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

I’d like to be able to audition my MIDI parts through the vstpresets in the context of my song and while I’m at it tag stuff also in context, sort of. I can’t sit and dry tag stuff for no reason. Somebody must have thought about this when building the MediaBay, right? I can’t be the only one looking for this?

Have you tried to use a virtual MIDI cable?
No other idea than this, though…


Well, sort of, thanx! :smiley:
Opening MediaBay kind of automatically routs your MIDI keyboard to a preset so you never see the process?
That was what I hoped for, me overlooking someplace to route something else than a MIDI Keyboard or a MIDI file.
I have MIDI Yoke which in this case … just isn’t visible anywhere where I’ve been looking so far.

Slowly this start to turn into a feature request :confused:
"OHNO! He’s done it again! :unamused: "
:blush: :laughing:

Hi HowlingUlf

Did you ever solve this problem or find a workaround?

Nope! :cry:

No response from Steinberg!