MIDI Track To Multiple Channels

I need to send MIDI data from a single track to multiple channels. Is there a way to do this other than creating multiple MIDI tracks and copying the data?



Multiple channels? :confused:

Look to MIDI sends.

Interesting. Makes sense, although I could only get it to work with a MIDI Insert, and a Transformer plug-in. Only issue is that it only allows me to send to one other channel, instead of multiples. That is if I use the Function “Insert” and not “Transform”.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?


Define “channels”.

You can still set the MIDI track channel to “any” and which ever channel information you record will stay on it’s channel. Useful for Master Controllers that send on multiple channels using zones and layers.

“Channels” would be the MIDI channels of a virtual instrument.

Here is an example:
This is for orchestral scoring where I have a virtual instrument, such as LA Scoring Strings, where I need to send the same MIDI data to channels 3-5. Those channels have Violins A (MIDI Channel 3), Violins B (MIDI Channel 4), and Violins C (MIDI Channel 5) set up. So, if I am combining all three sections for them to play the same notes and use the same CCs, then I would need to set up three tracks and copy the MIDI to all three.

That is what I want to get around. I am transitioning from Logic to Cubase and in Logic’s environment it’s extremely easy to do so that you only have one MIDI track, but can send the MIDI to however many channels. I am looking for something similar in Cubase.

Using “Any” in this scenario wouldn’t work, as there are other instruments on other channels. Don’t want to send to all of them.

Hope all this makes sense.


Input transformer would be the way to go. You can add lines or modules to accomodate more channels.

Looks like a single transformer instance limits sending to two MIDI channels. Is the only way around that adding additional transformers?



What am I missing by asking, why wouldn’t you set the ‘slots’ of the virtual instrument to the same channel for those three string sections?

You’re not missing anything, Steven. :slight_smile: That would be one way of doing it, although I would need to do the following in the VI.

So, if I have Strings A, B, and C, I can indeed set them all to the same MIDI channel (example: “1”) in the VI. I would then need to load each of them again in the virtual instrument and assign subsequent MIDI channels 2, 3, and 4 if I also wanted to use them individually. Hope it makes sense.

Since I used to do this in Logic with the environment, all my large templates are set up that way, so I was merely trying to find a way not to have to rework the templates.

I think for the time being I have a workaround with the multiple Transformer instances and may migrate to the above.