MIDI track volume fade out


I’ve looked it up online but just can’t figure it out - how do I fade out the volume on a MIDI track? I read Volume Automation can be used to do this but I can’t figure out how to use it… Help please!


The strange thing is that there are two volume sliders in the Inspector of each midi track: In the first section above track delay and panorama settings and in the section of the midi track fader. Both of them can be used by switching on R and W of the automation and move them during playback.
However, they don’t create normal midi CC # 7.
To create normal CC #7 it would be easiest to either use an external midi controller (knob or fader type) and set that to send CC #7 or use the drawing tools in the Key editor.

Those are your options. Try all of them to see what fits your needs best.