Midi track with different instrument per note

I am using six different Retrologue instruments to make up my drum set (e.g. one Retrologue produces snare, next Retrologue kick…)

Currently I am using six instrument tracks and each controls one drum sound. This is OK for playback but not for record - I cannot play the whole drum set.

I tried using Midi Sends and can control up to four instruments with this, but I cannot specify to send only the C2 note to the kick instrument, the D2 note to the snare etc (at least I tried with the Midi Modifiers but would not know how).

Is there a good way to do this?

Use “Drum Map”.

You can select different channels and/or outputs for different sounds. This allows you to construct drum kits with sounds from several different MIDI devices, etc.

Drum Map Output Routing

Excellent, thank you!