MIdi tracks becoming silent, at random times, please help.

HI. I am running Cubase 10.0.15 through a fairly high spec Windows 10 set-up through a Focusrite 4pre Clarett interface.

At random times whilst working on/listening to a project, the sound of midi tracks will simply stop playing (even if I do not touch ANYTHING) whilst the audio continues. It is still visible, and there is no change of setting or routing.

I have just clean re-installed Cubase, and it still does it.

I can copy the midi part into a brand new midi track (it is Groove Agent with a preset I have, but the same thing happens with a Kontakt piano track - therefore is surely not a Groove Agent issue) and it works again, temporarily, before at some random point, deciding to not be audible. If I simply duplicate the track, it is silent, just like the one I copied from.

I am completely out of ideas on how to resolve this, or indeed what the problem could stem from.

Could it be a bug. A problem with the interface?

Help/ideas really appreciated.

I’m seeing a similar issue, only with audio tracks. Going to contact Steinberg support for this. Not certain what is going on but really strange. :open_mouth:

Hey nikhollis, try the following link that Manike provided to me. In my particular case and at present, this didn’t work. But maybe my system is in a more advanced stage of the disease :laughing:

But anyway, it has definitely worked for me in the past so maybe it could be your resolution as well.

Give it a shot. Good Luck!