MIDI Tracks No Longer Connected?

Hello all,

I am trying out the 8.5 trial and trying to build an orchestral template. I want to leverage the disable track feature to save RAM. I have an Instrument track with Kontakt and multiple MIDI tracks routed to different channels of that instrument. When I disable the tracks however, upon re-enabling them, the MIDI tracks are no longer connected properly to Kontakt. They all say “Missing”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Is this just a Kontakt issue, our does it not work with any VSTi? If you make a small test project using the Instrument Rack instead of Tracks, does that make a difference?

I haven’t tried with anything apart from Kontakt. How do I just add an instrument to the rack? Every time I do, it automatically adds an instrument track. I’ve resorted to just purging all samples instead of deactivating tracks.