MIDI Tracks - Output Chaos


I am working with big orchestra templates, therefore with a huge amount of VST instrument tracks and connected MIDI tracks. For example: I have an Instrument Track “Viola” (Kontakt loaded with multiple instances of a VST Viola Instrument - let´s say “Viola Legato”, “Viola Marcato”, “Viola Spiccato” etc.), and multiple MIDI tracks on channel 2, 3, 4 etc., connected to the Instrument tracks respectively Kontakt, named "“Viola Legato”, “Viola Marcato”, “Viola Spiccato” etc.

So far standard operation, all fine.

When I close and re- open a project (or template), almost all of the connections/ routing are completely wrong. The MIDI Outputs are routed to seemingly random instruments. So, for instance, “Viola Legato” is connected to the VST Instrument Channel “Bassoon”, or “Viola Spiccato” to VST Instrument “Violin 1”.

This is extremely annoying and a Cubase 8 bug since the beginning. I have to manually re- route every MIDI channel with every re- opening of a project.

Is there a solution to this?

I have the same problem… it doesn’t affect all the tracks, but cubase keep messing that up. Especially when I add new Kontakt instances on existing orch template, almost always next time I load that project, those instances has wrong midi routing.

So annoying :frowning:

Wow, no replies at all…

Does anybody else have this problem… or we are doing something wrong? o.O