Midi tracks showing wrong outputs when clicking "E"

This is very frustrating because I maticulously set up my routing to optimize workflow but Cubase is not cooperating.

The issue:

I have East West VST in the rack with multi outputs selected.

I have certain instruments assigned to those outputs from within the East West PLAY VST itself so say, Violins are in the main output (1-2), violas in output (3-4).

But if I go to the midi track with the Violas and hit the “E” button it shows the output 1-2 (for the violins) even though thats not where the audio is coming from. I know the routing is correct because I can scroll down to the VST Instrument Folder and see that the audio is coming from the proper output (3-4), its just showing the wrong output fader.

So basically Cubase is showing the wrong audio output fader for some reason. Maybe there is some setting to always show the main output from different plugins instead of the correct corresponding output?


You have to set this up manually. Cubase doesn’t know about the internal routing of the VSTi.

How do you go about doing that?


Select the MIDI track in the Project window. In the Inspector, click to the HALion Sonic SE (or your Instrument) tab. The 1st sub-tab of the “HALion Sonic SE” tab is Output. Click here, and select used Output (like “Out 2”, for example).