midi tracks transpose by themselves

I have a two song project. Somewhere between the start of the first song and the start of the second song, two of my midi tracks (out of 8) transpose by themselves up a 1/2 step. Once it happens, if I stop the track and start it from any position within the second song, or just stop and restart the second song at the same position, the two tracks revert to the correct notes. I’m guessing there’s something in the first song’s midi data somewhere that causes it. Why it resets when I start/stop in the second song remains a puzzle.

Is there a dedicated CC number (that controls transpose) I could look for that has somehow been embedded in the tracks? Been scratching my head over this for a couple of weeks and finally figured out how to duplicate it consistently. Any other ideas?

Any chance of uploading a simplied version of your project, that still exhibits the problem (for example, just the two MIDI tracks that are doing this?). If your browser doesn’t allow you to upload the project, PM me, and we’ll sort out how to send it to me privately.

I found the offending 12 bars in the song. It was the last 12 bars of the first song (The Electric Slide). 8 bars of rest after a horn lick and then the last 4 bars (another horn lick) was a half step flat. Then the same 3 tracks in the next song (This is how We Do it) remained 1/2 step flat until I stopped and started the transport bar. This is part of an hour long track for a set my band is doing tomorrow night and after messing with the light show controller all night…

I just started deleting controllers and copying/pasting the needed lick for the last 4 bars from the another section of the song. Still no luck. I finally deleted the 8 bars of rest before the last four bar lick and that stopped it from triggering the transpose. I suspect it’s some mod wheel data somewhere but since I pulled an all nighter on the lights, I just gave up and left it at that.

Not my preferred solution as it will come back to bite me next time I copy that track into a project.

Vick, I’ll send you the original track after I get some sleep. I think it just needs a set of fresh eyes.