midi transcription


I have this perfectly quantised ‘ninolets’ (9:8)coming via midifile from the sequencer.
I can’t get Dorico to transcribe that well, but I’ll need help on how to edit the current in Dorico to become 9’s…
Not intuitive enough for me here…

And I’m in a very big rush…

Any help ?


Yan, you could perhaps consider doing it through a OpenMusic Voice object, then export it to bach for Max/MSP, and finally export it from there as a MusicXML file to Dorico… I don’t know in how much of a rush you’re in, it’s just a thought.

OM can export MusicXML reasonably well. Not bulletproof, but I think this would hold up, if it’s coming from OM — you could just skip bach. But Yan mentions a “sequencer”…

I would copy the passage into a new, empty flow, engage Insert mode and just nuke the passage: delete all tuplets, make all notes the same length, reinput the tuplets. With Dorico’s Insert mode, this doesn’t really feel like much of a pain, IMO.

LSalgueiro, I wouldn’t say OM’s MusicXML export abilities are all that reliable, my experience tells me often otherwise. Here’s a basic example of it screwing up: https://discussion.forum.ircam.fr/uploads/default/original/2X/4/413f635826cd3e323ac1acdc72569934c8506e7b.jpeg

I ended up using Digital Performer “export track as Music XML” because their quickscribe quantisation engine is second to none.
But that’s a lot of lost time here.

I wish Dorico could be seriously improved on that matter. We need more quantisation options !


You mean the redundancies? Well, those are a pity, but I imagine that the guys only wrote a parser to convert to MusicXML and called it a day, which I don’t find at all questionable for a project of OM’s resources. Since all measures are explicitly defined in a Voice object, it would need some extra bit of logic to sweep up the redundancies. Or do you mean something else?

LSalgueiro, yes just the redundancies, and we’re in agreement on it.

DP with its smart quantization would be a great model for Dorico to follow.