MIDI Transformer NRPN to CC / CC to NRPN

It would be really useful if MIDI Transformer had a way to convert NRPN data (configurable to be able to process both course and fine values in some mix) to CC and other “simple” MIDI data such as Pitch Bend - and CC data to NRPN in the same way.

This will make using synths such as HydraSynth (with ribbon, poly aftertouch and high resolution NRPN-based controls) as control surfaces for other plugins.

Voted (and I had to remove another vote in another FR thread for it, as I “have 0 votes left”) ! Indeed, the Input transformer solution would be a true enhancement.

I’m still seeing the MIDI Remote function still unable to deal with standard NRPN messages (at least, without scripting), according to MIDI 1.0 specifications, such as these :


Maybe someone could correct me, though, but I’m still waiting, since C12 release…

I use a transformer in the midi send to change a NRPN message to CC, in C13 you can also define to what midi out port to send the message and the channel, unless i am misunderstanding?

I’m pretty sure this sort of approach can’t work when then NRPN is being used to sending values of a controller where CC 99 value=NRPN number and then it is followed by CC 6 value and CC 38 fine value to give the full 14-bit resolution.
This complexity is why I think we need a specific filter around NRPNs that have values, for the many keyboards such as HydraSynth but also many others which send NRPNs to give the full 14-bit accuracy rather than the 7-bit accuracy of normal MIDI CCs.