MIDI Transformer Question

Hi All,

I’m a long time Logic user and I use Cubase recently.
The Logic MIDI real time environment Transformer offers a mode setting Apply Operation and Filter non Matching Events.

The Cubase “MIDI Sends” Transformer offers the following “Functions”:

  • Delete.
  • Transform.
  • Insert.
  • Insert Exclusive.

None of these functions work as the Logic Apply Operation and Filter non Matching Events.
Is there any mode or alternative I can filter the non matching MIDI events/conditions?

For example, I want to transform CC88 into say Poly Pressure C-2 and filter all non matching events coming from All Track Inputs.
As I mentioned I use a MIDI Send and want to prevent MIDI feedback for some reason.


You could use 2 Transformers. One to do, what you want to and other one to set like “Unequal” and set Delete as the function.

Btw, if you would use Input Transformer, you can use Filter, so you could filter it out on the input already.