Midi Transformer to delete notes of short duration or low velocity


I’m trying to use the midi transformer to delete junky short low velocity notes from a guitar controller as I record… I’m using Transformer in Midi Inserts, and I have the record toggle on in the Midi Insert so the transformation gets recorded.

If I use the preset to Delete Notes velocity less than 40, it seems to also delete all the note off events, and I get infinite sustain, so that really doesn’t work as I would expect.

If I use the preset to delete short notes, it doesn’t seem to delete the short notes as I record. I don’t mind hearing them, as I realize it can’t tell that it is going to be a short note, but I’m surprised that it records the short notes.

Is this doable?


ok, I got something workable… I set velocity less than 40 but greater than 0, as all the note offs are 0 velocity, so now it isn’t deleting the note offs and I don’t get infinite sustain.

This seems a bit wonky. I’m not sure if it is possible to have a note on with a velocity of zero, as those could still sneak by.


No, this is not possible. By MIDI Specification, Note On with Velocity 0 = Note Off.

I realise you are hoping for a solution that will deal with the problem at source (e.g. filter the short notes in realtime while recording), but that’s not generally possible because, as you say, the Transformer can’t know ahead of time that the note is going to be a short one (a so-called “ghost” note).

The only real way to tackle this is to tweak the setup of the MIDI converter (usually by playing around with the string sensitivity or “gate” settings), and by changing your playing technique – if you look at any of the top performances on MIDI guitar, you’ll see that these are expert players who have a totally clean picking style, mostly using a plectrum. You might also try putting your guitar signal through a noise gate pedal before going into the converter, so that very quiet notes and string noises don’t get through.

Nevertheless, I’d recommend recording everything and cleaning it up afterwards. A good way of cleaning up MIDI guitar recordings is to use the MIDI Logical presets - select the MIDI part, to to the MIDI menu and then “Logical Presets/standard set 1/delete short notes”. That’s a good starting point, and you can tweak that preset and save a new version customised for you setup.

Finally, don’t forget that MIDI pitch doesn’t change with tempo! If you find it difficult to pick cleanly at, say, 240bpm, you can always drop the tempo to 100bpm, record the guitar MIDI piece, and reset the tempo to 240bpm for playback. Instant Paganini!

Thanks @Martin.Jirsak , that is cool.

Thanks @MrSoundman . You are right about the string sensitivity settings as that helped. I need to find the gate settings as well. The midi pickup is on the guitar so I don’t have any control of the audio going into it other than my fingers and pick. My picking wasn’t the culprit in this case, as I’m not playing anything difficult. It was the string noise of literally releasing pressure on a fretted chord. The midi guitar software is not totally clear so I will work harder to figure that out as you say.

Luckily the real time velocity transformer now catches 99% of these. And your method to delete the rest using the Logical Editor after the recording is easy and successful.

I will remember the Paganini Tempo trick. :slight_smile: My goal here was I’m practicing song construction workflow. My goal is to see if I can lay down basic chords and generate chord track, bass, and static rhythm track in under 10 minutes, to then lay down vocals.