MIDI transpose

Is this intended behavior?

If I select a midipart in the arrangerwindow and transpose this part using the transpose in the infoline, for example up 2 notes, the notes will sound transposed, however if I then open the MIDIpart, the notes are still in their original position but sounds 2 notes higher. (meaning a d in the pianoroll sounds an e.)

I would expect that the notes in the pianoroll would move to the desired position if its transposed, not just the sound? or no?


No that is the intended behavior. You are transposing the playback of the midi part, not the midi notes that are contained in that part. A zero in the info line indicates that the part be played as written, positive and negative values indicate that the playback is transposed, but not the underlying data.

If you want to transpose the actual midi notes, you need to go into the Key Editor (or Score or List Editors) and change the note values there.

… or…
MIDI Menu>Transpose Setup :wink:.

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There’s a key command for this one too, I set my own up, can’t remember what it was originally

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