Midi transposition issue


I have a score in which the orchestra is made of baroque instruments tuned at 415 Hz with a modern solo violin at 440 Hz, so the difference between them is a semitone.
I write the baroque part a semitone higher than sounding in the 440 world.

But I use Note Performer and in order for playback to be right, and I need to have the solo violin instrument to play like a transposing instrument (a semitone up).

There seem to be no way to create an instrument with a specific transposition and then assign to it a note performer instrument and I can’t find a way to transpose the violin staff without changing the actual notes (which I don’t want to do)

Any suggestions ?


There’s a transposition field in the expression map edit window. You should be able to get the pitch you need without changing the notes. Unless NP’s expression map is different from all the others…

Thank you Marc

I have been trying very hard but I did not succeed in making it work.
How can the transposition parameter in the expression map affect only one staff ?


I don’t think this is controllable from Noteperformer. It is from Halion though.

Another thought. You could try making the Solo Violin a transposing instrument using the Clef and Transposition Override feature in Setup Mode.

Oh that’s a great perspective.
But I did not succeed in making it work either :frowning:


Ok thanks Craig, I’m all set now.