MIDI Tricks

Hello all

so i want to make a fast staccato violin in cubase that sounds like hans zimmer black hawk down soundtrack Synchrotone witch is amazing!

so my question that is there a way to make a short notes from one long note and play it with different rythms?

I added a picture

maybe try playing with the arpeggiators (Midi Insert)?

Yeah but in arpeggiators it only sound with 1 voice i need it that will sound with like powe chord or 2 voices i hope i say it right :slight_smile:

not true - some arpeggiators can do chorded rhythms and much more - I would suggest studying them some more


So sample that chord (some round-robin style maybe)
and play it with one note :slight_smile:

another workaround is to use chorder after an arpeggiator (Cubase stock plugins)
as @Nico5 suggested

or do it manually (pianoroll or drum editor)


Ok guys thank you so much for the answers :slight_smile: