MIDI Trigger Region: Bug Report and "Pre-Trigger" Feature Request

Hello, I’d like to bring up two issues related to MIDI Trigger Regions:

  1. Bug: Note numbers are not automatically remapped based on the Middle C set value. I recently changed the Middle C preference from C4 to C3 (or vice versa), expecting the note values of the MIDI Trigger Regions to be remapped accordingly. However, this automatic remapping didn’t occur, and I had to manually adjust all the triggers. For example, I had to change notes from C0 to C1. It would be great if the remapping could happen automatically based on the Middle C setting.

  2. Feature Request: MIDI Trigger Region with a pre-trigger value. Currently, when I set the regions to align with the bars, it allows for convenient copy, cut, and paste actions. However, there is an issue with triggering articulation changes too late, unless there is a rest in the first beat. To work around this, I can adjust the region to be before the bar, but it makes copy, cut, and paste operations very inconvenient. This is because the MIDI trigger region is not selected when a bar/beat is picked since it’s considered “beyond” the bar/beat. It would be extremely helpful if there was an option to set a pre-trigger value for the MIDI Trigger Region, enabling precise timing even when the region starts before the bar/beat.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

I’ve double-checked, and I’ve noticed that even when the MIDI Trigger Region is placed within a bar or beat, it doesn’t get highlighted when I select the corresponding bar or beat. As a result, it becomes impossible to copy or cut the MIDI Trigger Region in one go.