Midi Trigger Region Request

Sonokinetic Kontakt based phrase libraries allow you to play more than one phrase at a time e.g. Strings Lo, Med and High. You can mute/unmute these phrase categories with key switches and velocity values so that G1(50) would mute the Lo phrase and G1(100) would unmute it. Basically this is just a toggle.

There are also other key switches in the interface for other actions that also rely on toggle action.

Currently Dorico 5 can handle one velocity value for a bunch of midi triggers. It would be nice to have independent velocity for each trigger e.g. G1 (50), A1 (100) and B1 (50).

The Sonokinetic interface does allow to midi learn the mute/unmute for CC automation and I could also create playback and playing techniques with expression maps but it would be much easier with midi triggers that can act as toggles. I hope this can be implemented in a future release.

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