MIDI Trigger Regions & Percussion Maps for Single Percussion Instruments

Do MIDI Trigger Regions work in staves with Percussion Maps for single percussion instruments (not Percussion Kits)? It seems no matter what note is in the MIDI Trigger Region, the output note is whatever Natural is mapped to (or uncertain if there’s more than 1 Natural note).

For example, if I follow along with the tutorial below, everything works as expected at first. Then, if I split the drum kit into separate staves (Setup > Remove All Instruments From Kit), MIDI Trigger Regions don’t work correctly.

Any ideas? Just starting to work with MIDI Trigger Regions, so maybe this has been addressed, although I didn’t find anything on the forum. Thanks!

MIDI trigger regions always output the pitch or pitches specified in the popover, regardless of whether they are created on pitched or unpitched instruments.

I just created a single woodblock instrument, for example, and created a MIDI trigger region on that instrument set to output MIDI note 60, and sure enough that’s what is played back and exported to MIDI.

Hmm. Maybe I’m missing something.

Could you check out this project? When I play it watching the HALion window, both MIDI trigger regions seem to output C4.

MIDI Trigger Region Test.dorico (503.5 KB)

Here’s another project demonstrating the tutorial example I mentioned. On the drum set staff, the MIDI trigger region A#0 plays the Groove Agent loop on A#-1. But on the snare drum staff, it plays a snare drum note, D2 (D1 in Groove Agent).

MIDI Trigger Region Test 2.dorico (2.1 MB)

I’m not sure what your problem is… I’ve opened your project, imported that A#-1 fill through midi… What are you trying to do exactly?
If you drag and drop some MIDI file on a single line percussion instrument, it’s like all the notes of the kit are “condensed” into a single key, which is probably something nobody wants. I’d like to help, but I’d need some help from you to understand :wink:

Thanks for the example – I can reproduce the problem. The issue is that individual percussion instruments (rather than kit instruments) are performing some additional (and unwanted) pitch mapping. We’ll make sure this gets fixed in the next update.


Amazing! Many thanks! Yes, it appears MIDI trigger regions are being inserted pre-percussion map for individual instruments.

@MarcLarcher , in that example project, the 2 regions with A#0 (shown in Galley View) should produce the same result when played, but they don’t.

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