MIDI trigger regions sending duplicate notes

For some reason, it appears that MIDI triggers are sending duplicate note on and note off events. For example, in this simple case:


The trigger is sending the Eb note on 8 times.

In a grand staff, it is sending the note on twice:


In a single staff, in only sends the trigger once:


In all cases, Dorico is sending the correct corresponding number of note off events.

I’m also seeing that Dorico is sending duplicate resets for controllers 7 and 10. In the drum example, it’s sending over 20 of each. In the others, it’s sending 2 copies of each.

I’m using MIDI Monitor in Cubase. I seem to recall that someone here (maybe @Ulf) had a suggestion for another MIDI monitor that would run directly inside Dorico, I’m happy to try that. MIDIMonitor logs attached. I’m using Dorico Pro Version on Windows 11.

MidiMonitorLog.zip (1.7 KB)

Hi @Chester.Jankowski don’t know the reason, but you can check if there is some virtual midi device causing a feedback/loopback (?), deactivating selectively all the inputs? (ignore my config. because I have no keyboard or controller attached at the moment):

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Thank you, that’s a good thing to check, because it does seem like maybe a loop. I only had my keyboard selected for MIDI input, and disabling even that doesn’t change the behavior.

Mhhhh… No idea.
Do you have Cubase on? Maybe it is sending some duplicate midi information? (cubase midi in and out check…).

(Sorry if this doesn’t help. I am sure someone more technical versatile will come to help.
Zen statement: from somewhere the midi must come:slight_smile:)

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Yes, I was using Cubase to run the MIDI monitor. I also routed the instruments to Pianoteq, which also has a MIDI monitor built in and saw the same results. I’m hoping that there’s a VST somewhere that we can load directly in Dorico and monitor the MIDI there…

MIDIView or MIDIOX are similar MIDI monitor apps that one can use, but not for direct use in Dorico.

Thank you Ulf, I ran it with MidiOx on my laptop, same results. In this test, there are no notes in the drum part, just a single C4 trigger. Log file attached.

MIDILog.zip (552 Bytes)

Hi @Chester.Jankowski , could you please also post that corresponding Dorico project file? Thanks

I have a feeling I might know what’s going on here – it’s possible that Dorico might generate multiple notes when a MIDI trigger region is on a percussion kit, because there are multiple instruments in the kit, and it could be playing the MIDI trigger once for each instrument. This is not in general a bad thing, since the kit could be routed to multiple endpoints, but I’ll double-check what’s going on.

Hi @dspreadbury , that was my suspicion as well. The reason that I looked into it in the first place is that I started working with a sample library I just bought (Straight Ahead! Jazz Drums, h/t @FredGUnn) and if I try to trigger certain of the groove patches from a percussion kit, the multiple note on events cause it to have an overly loud start, which then settles down after a few beats. On other patches, it seems to throw off the timing. The multitude of vol and pan CC resets probably aren’t helping either.

@Ulf here is the project file. Thank you both for looking into it.

MIDI trigger test 3 - 2024-03-20 v01.dorico (2.6 MB)

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I don’t know if this can be of some help, but I tried routing the midi via IAC driver on Mac to a stand-alone Groove Agent (I don’t own another drum library), and monitored the midi produced by the Midi Trigger of Dorico, with the MIDI Monitor app (ignore the renamed IAC driver name)

I post the results:

  1. using the Patterns in GA
  2. using the Instrument in GA

(I am not able to interpret the results thought…)

MIDI trigger test with GA.dorico (1.6 MB)