Midi Troubles AKAI MPK249

Hi everyone

SO… Running cubase 9 on a mac for a week by now… On windows before and things seemed to work out fine there. :open_mouth:

The problem is that basic commands don’t work:
Fader1 > Volume;
Knob1 > panning;
Switch1: mute
These are standard when you put in the xml file from cubase, what I did.
I did a reinstall and update just in case.
Midi cc learn for vst software plugins works fine…
What am I missing here?
From my point of view the controller just doesn’t respond to the mixer. But the midi input signal metering responds.
Transport doens’t work either… Magnifficent!! Not :blush:

Cubase doesn’t wan’t to stop either when ask for it, I always have to do a forced stop. This issue is not so important because, who want’s to stop cubase eh? Just wanted to mention that.


Did you load the right preset on the keyboard? Do the controller CC number, MIDI channel on the keyboard match those in the xml file you loaded?