MIDI tuner / scale tuner ?

Hey folks. Hope all is well.
I want to ask whether there is a feature or plugin in Cubase that does do the following. I am using the latest C8 Pro.

Simply I am after a tool that does exactly what the Micro Tuner midi insert does.
However… The Micro Tuner doesn’t extend far enough in terms of tuning to reach the tune/notes I am after.

The end result is 2 notes playing in harmony. Automatic harmony if you want to call it that ?

So for a basic example. C major scale. If in track one I press C, i want the note in track 2 (harmony) to play E. If I press D, second (harmony) track to play F. I think they call this “third up” ?

So if I go back to when I mentioned the Micro Tuner. My idea was to place Micro Tuner in track 2, and tune the notes to correspond to harmonies. So if I press C track one will play C and track 2 would play E. So track 2 would have the C tuned up to E ?? Obviously both tracks will be Monitor armed so both can be heard.
As I said, Micro Tuner does this, but the tune doesn’t extend far enough. I really hope it makes sense as to what I am trying to achieve here.

I am sure there is feature in the powerhouse of C8, but I am missing it? It is probably right in front of me.

Thanks ahead for your time. Any ideas would be great !



You could use midi insert Transformer.
Actually 2 of them. First one to transpose note 4 semitones up and the second to take care of sharps.
That’s if you want diatonic thirds.
Diatonic thirds in C.png

Thank you. I’ll try that later on see what happens. Never dealt with the transformer so I’ll be diving into the deep end.

I can happily report that this has worked flawlessly ! It is absolutely perfect for what I wanted it for …
And now with your algorithm, I can make various versions of it, for various different scales, including minor scales too…
Absolutely champion, thanks a lot my friend!