Midi understanding

Hi Chaps, An oldun, newbie here so please excuse the naïve question but I am a bit confused on Midi and how it is internally used if someone could explain in simple terms for me please?

I am slowly learning Cubase. I have a keyboard (Tyros5) connected and a Midi Keyboard Impact Lx49+). These are working fine so me question is not a “how to”, more a “what happened”, so If you bear with me a mo whilst I give an overview of what I did so that you can understand what I am asking, ta

Create an audio track. Cubase uses the tyros by default so If I play the Tyros itself, it plays through Cubase if I switch Cubase Monitor icon ON

Create a Midi channel using the Lx49 keyboard and output Tyros channel 1. When I play it, the tyros plays, all good.

Create an Instrument track. Also for Channel 1 all inputs. If I select the Monitor Icon it also plays as well as the tyros when I play the LX49. This (from my understanding) is because they are both using Channel 1, fair enough.

I think (thought!) I understood what is happening:

But (Question1 ) The LX49 Output is set to “Tyros output” so why did the Instrument track react when I press the Monitor Icon?

And (Question 2) If I record some notes on the Midi track, both Tyros and the instrument track are reacting to the notes I play, However, when I play back the recorded notes, only the tyros plays, not the Instrument track even though the Monitors Icon is selected.

These are the parts I am confused about. What bit am I missing in my understanding that explains how this happens? What is different between (recording channel 1) and (playback channel 1)

Thanks and apologies for the Naivety



There is no Recording Channel 1. Cubase always receives MIDI data in all channels to the track. If you want to filter some MIDI Channel Out, you have to use Input MIDI Transformer.

What exactly do you mean by “The LX49 Output is set Tyros output”? The output of the MIDI track in Cubase?

Maybe some screenshots would help.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply. I was trying to formulate some better worded questions with screenshots but your words “There is no Recording Channel 1” just kept nagging me until suddenly it all just fell into place. I now understand what is going on and the questions seem rather silly now .

Thanks for your help. Appreciate it