Midi value to all selected events

Hi there,

i’m looking for a function were i apply one value to all following midi events.


  • Note C3 , velocity 127
    i want to apply the not value " C3" to all following Notes
  • Controller Nr.2 , value: 50
    i want to apply the value of 80 to all following controller events

In LogicPro there was a key command in the event editor for this. You select the desired note, enter the new value, press SHIFT+V. Would be great to get your feedback on this subject.


That’s on Windows.

thx for the fast reply.
It doesn’t work in the List editor ,neither on the Key Editor…

For me it works in both list editor and key editor (info line).

Make a selection of events, double click the value entry field, type in new value, press Ctrl+Enter.
All the values are set to same value.

Or maybe I misunderstood what you are trying to do.

As misohoza says, you do still have to select the events first :wink:.
(Btw, on Mac, that is Cmd+Enter, on the field that you wish to edit).

And, if all the notes are the same pitch, you can shift-double-click on the first one and all following with be selected.

I did exacly what you said. The only thing happened is a " System bleep sound" and no change (cmd + enter).
What i did notice is if i select all Note events and i cmd+mouseClick in the value entry field, all events get a value of 64. When i do (ctrl + enter) i get a blank value entry box.
Did i miss some check mark in the preferences ?

:exclamation: :exclamation: You are absolutely right! This would seem to be a new bug to Cubase 8.5 (at least, on Mac). It is o.k. in 8.0
There is in fact an option in Preferences>Editing>Tool Modifiers, to customize the key modifiers, but I’ve just tried changing it there, and it seems completely broken!

Looks like Mac only- working normally here.

Thanks for the Tip… didn’t know that :wink:
works here on Win10

So… while waiting for a fix on Mac…
Use the Logical Editor (select the desired notes first)…

Upper section…
Type is___Equal___Note___And
Property___Property is set__Event is selected

Lower Section…
Value 2 [i.e. velocity]Set to fixed value[set the desired value in “Parameter 1”]

Function = “Transform”

I’d like to confirm that this functionality is broken for me here as well (CB 8.5 on Mac 10.11.3) and I really hope they sort it out ASAP, it’s basic midi programming stuff and I find it incredibly handy.

Steinberg; I am face-palming in your general direction.

Thank you vic for the workaround suggestion by the way.

Thx Vic for your suggestion with the Logical editor.
We found a bug here i guess eh ? I gonna send this to the support.

great forum :exclamation:

I think this ‘issue’ is related to this too:


Report submitted here:


BTW this is only when Command is chosen in the preferences, works as expected with Alt, for example.