MIDI Velocity changes

Hi everyone, for some recent projects i`ve been using Cubase 9.5 in conjuction with Kontakt Player to make drums with the libraries from GetGood Drums. They sound just amazing, but in the last week i find that some MIDI notes that have the same velocity (let´s say 110 for the snare), dont play back the same sound. It sounds like i have the 1st and 3rd note of a beat in 110 and the 2nd and 4th in 90, its pretty obvious for the ear. I know from the time i bought the drum libraries that they were recorded with a decent number of hit sensitivity.

The two times this issue happened was with a MIDI file that was imported from Guitar Pro 6, so in the beginning i thought it was a problem related with that software. But yesterday i sat down and started to record some demos and i used the Virtual Keyboard within Cubase and the exact same thing happened, it was really weird.

I know that it`s not a problem with Kontakt, because the only thing different between the past two weeks and now is that i added a second librarie of the same vendor. i didn´t change any preference related to MIDI, except that i set the MIDI input in both libraries to OMNI (in Kontakt)

Is there a possibility that Cubase has a setup or preference for the Virtual Keyboard or MIDI velocity?

It started to become really frustrating not to hear what i`m writing or editing.


Can you reproduce this in new, empty project with one Instrument Track only? (to isolate the problem)

I just created a new project with one Instrument Track and the exact thing happened. I press the keys in the Virtual Keyboard with the mouse and with the PC keyboard and nothing changes.

Sorry, I don’t understand what the issue is. I thought you were saying that you

find that some MIDI notes that have the same velocity (let´s say 110 for the snare), don’t play back the same sound.

but now you’re talking about the virtual keyboard and velocity.

Maybe this is what you need: https://steinberg.help/cubase_pro_artist/v9.5/en/cubase_nuendo/topics/virtual_keyboard/virtual_keyboard_virtual_keyboard_options_r.html

or even


I’m having the same velocity issues with GGD snares man. Have you figured out how to solve it? Cause I haven’t yet.

So it’s not a random thing not to get machine gun effect, or?
I mean in drum plugin.

Many drum samplers have that kind of thing, round robin I think they call it in samplers. A different sample every hit, even if same velocity. Some do left/right hand switches etc.

If Cubase Pro at least, use Midi Monitor what is actually sent to plugin.