Midi velocity to high

I am using a “portable digital drummer set” Yamaha dd-65. I really enjoy using it cause it is easy to hide and really good for an amateur like me to learn grooves. Expecially when using a better kick pedal and HH pedal. Together with addictive drums or BFD2 it rocks! Just one problem. The veolocity is to high. I do not matter if i change the sensitive setting in the dd 65 (0-2). It is to high anyway. I want the velocity to be “personality made” and then just increase och decrease the “master” velocity which is very easy in cubase 6. But the snare and hihat registratre 127 all the time. It does not matter if i am changing the setup in AD och BFD2 casuse this is before it goes to the VST instrument. Is it possible somehow to have the midi velocity lowered for example 30 % with a midi insert. How? Or is it up to the midi hardware to be more flexible?