Midi velocity triggers other plugin parameters

Hi, So I’ve been looking for a feature in Cubase in which you can set for example the velocity of your midi instrument to trigger a parameter of a 3rd party plugin for example a filter in PRO-Q a delay amount or whatever.

I’ve recently wanted to try this but can’t figure it out how. In Bitwig there is a device called Tools, (in Live I bet you can achieve something similar too) then you can throw the velocity parameter inside it and attach it to any button of any plugin to move it accordingly to the midi velocity of your instrument playing.

I find this would be very useful in bascailly anything “creative” but specially in midi drums or drums in sampler to trigger different effects without using “traditional” automation, it is more accurate and faster to do.

Something to setup like this in Cubase would enlight me tremendously even if it is hard to do at first. Once I learn how to do it it would be ok, if such a thing can’t be done then too bad.

Can’t even find something on google or the manual related to this but I feel I am missing something on the note expression, midi inserts, midi modifers realms (sorry never used any of that and failed miserably now testing a lot of options) so if someone knows I would really much appreciate if they can show me.

Have a great day everyone!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Use the Quick Controls system in Cubase, please.

Thanks for your response. I did check quick control. Don’t know if I can’t see it but can’t figure it out. First no velocity is shown anywhere there and secondly I don’t want to use my midi keyboard to control a plugin , I know how to do that. I want to type 4 midi notes in an instrument each one with a different velocity and assign those velocity values to a plugin for example to a low cut filter band that moves accordingly to the values of each midi note velocity. Thanks again