Midi Velocity Trim and Selection

It’s a thing I use to do in Ableton Live. I never figured how to do it in Cubase. If I try to trim the velocity with the the pencils it will draw them all like a curve. There seems to be no way to trim only the top (highest velocity value) notes. There has to but the trim tool does not seem to do that.

In Ableton, you could just trim them like the pencil was a knife leaving the notes that you didn’t go though untouched. There was also a value point on top of each velocity bar so you could select only the top ones easily. Cubase can do that by holding the alt key to get the object selection tool and then select only the top notes. The problem is, that only works if your targets are the top notes.

Having value points on top of each note enables us to select a region of velocity with the object selection tool, all the lowest ones for example.

Are there any tricks you guys use that resembles that?


Ability to toggle top points on/off - and to be able to lasso select lower ones - would be really good.
You could do visuall compression or expansion rather quickly.

Closest I can think of would be logical editor to have a couple of ranges you are interested in and have them selected.
But also requested an Input dialog for logical editor - so you could enter values as you are about to run it - and not having to do one preset for each occasion.