MIDI, video and other problems

Cubase 10.0.20, latest windows, latest drivers

I have to say that I am frustrated, after installing the update, I have a lot of issues that a paying customer shouldn’t.

MIDI - it randomly stops working. Interface showing it works, but it doesn’t. It even sometimes crashes randomly when I play a lot of notes. Tried swapping hard disks for VSTs but same problem.

VIDEO - it is a shame I have to explain to the clients that I cannot play a regular HD mp4 video of a production I am currently working on. It simply loads as an image of a moment I doubleclick the video.

On top of that, it is using more processor than before, I have audio pops and even dropouts and random stops when recording. So I am wondering is it time to learn Logic, or should I believe that Steinberg will finally make a Cubase that I won’t be frustrated over? Or at least tell me what motherboard and graphic card I have to buy to make it work properly? Where are those good old days when I used cracked Cubase 5 and everything worked just fine?

Ok, I was loosing time trying to make video work. So I came up with a conclusion and a question. When I play the video in default Windows video app, it uses around 3% of the CPU, and it uses GPU to render video. Perfect. But when I open video in Cubase, it uses CPU(!?!?!?), and the video is watchable if I turn of most of my plugins so the CPU usage is below 40% realtime and it manages to play the video, but again very choppy and not usable.

So the question is, why the f… Cubase isn’t using GPU for graphics and video??? Is there a setting somewhere I can make GPU render videos in Cubase??? I think this would solve the problem instantly, since there is no way I can work on a large scale project and use only less than half CPU. Please somebody give me an answer, I have a serious job to do and I AM NOT ABLE TO DO IT SINCE I DON’T SEE THE VIDEO. Steinberg, please respond!

Thanks for the help… I shall reconsider my DAW after summer.

Download and try this video-player VST plugin. http://vidplayvst.com/index.htm

It supports lots of formats/codecs. Demo is free (but only loads the first 30 secs of any video file you try). Claims it is light on computer resources, but DOES use the CPU for decoding. I’ve tried it and it works well on small (frame size) H.264 MP4 files; but I haven’t bought the full edition.

In the meantime, I’m converting any video file first using the AudioSpot Media ER Toolkit (https://audiospot.audio/audiospot-creativetools), then loading that in Cubase’s vid player. The tool integrates with Cubase’s Export window such that I can choose it as an output destination for ‘Replace Audio in Video’ purposes. Nice. Still, looking forward to a properly native solution inside Cubase itself.

The MIDI issues I can’t help you with, sorry.