MIDI volume CC7 need an automation point?

Hello, I am creating a Vepro orchestral template and I use midi tracks.
To balance the volume of each midi track, I use CC7 linked to a hardware knob.

  1. With no automation point, I configure the midi volume at a certain value on the fly with my hardware knob, BUT if some reason the kontakt patch see it’s volume change (mouse, accident etc.), then the current value of the midi fader in cubase never get transmitted again unless I manually move my controller to trigger the transmission

  2. The solution has to be manually adding an automation point in the volume lane ?

  3. Is there a solution to keep adjusting the volume by moving my hardware knob even AFTER an automation point has been added ? (see my video)

Because currently, if I set a fixed value in the automation volume lane, I am stuck with having to adjust it with the mouse and no more fine adjustment with my hardware knob ;(

the second video shows what happen once the automation point exist, when moving the midi fader with the mouse

Hi @bensmir.hbs

First of all, thank you for your detailed description. This makes it so much easier to support. :+1:

About questions 1 and 2:
Could this be an issue with the Quick Control focus?

Check the mapping in the quick controls. Is it set to Kontakt?

Question 3: This behavior is described in the manual as parameter value vs automation (Static Value Line).
Deleting the automation point or deactivating read automation changes this back:

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