MIDI Volume cursor problem in Halion SonicSE

Using Cubase Pro 8.05 build 418 (64-bit) with Halion Sonic SE used as a rack instrument, GM Grand Piano selected. Everything works fine except that the MIDI volume cursor in the Inspector has no effect. If I replace the Halion Instrument with another VST plugin as an output for the same MIDI track, the MIDI volume cursor DOES send volume changes and I can hear them.
Please advise.

Hi and welcome,

It works here (Cubase 8.0.30, on Mac). Are you sure, you are sending the MIDI data on the correct MIDI Channel, and check it on the same MIDI Channel?

I would recommend you to update.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I upgraded to Cubase 8.0.30 and Halion SE 2.03 with no more success.
And btw the Pan control did not work either.

However Using the “Reset to Factory” button in the MIDI assignment block under Halion’s Options window did the trick. This seems to mean that the standard controllers were not assigned to Halion’s MIDI control. What is weird however (apart from the fact that I don’t recall having done anything for that matter…) is that a right-click on Halion’s MIDI volume cursor shows a greyed-out (disabled) “Forget CC”. Which to me means that the volume (or pan) command was not assigned to another controller, and therefore that the standard (CC7, CC10, etc.) controllers should be assigned normally…


Any idea on what could cause the standard MIDI controllers NOT to be used (apart from specifically clicking on the Learn CC command to manually assign another controller) ?


I see, different controller was used, here.

As far as I know, there is just this “Learn CC” way, how to change the assignment (if you don’t change it manually in the relevant XML file, what I don’t expect).