MIDI volume fader to control output volume instead of CC7

I think that it will be very useful for the people who use multitimbral vst instruments to be able to control the output volume with their own MIDI track.

Currently, we have a MIDI fader in each MIDI track. This MIDI controls CC7, which you can control anyways as an automation lane inside each MIDI event. So most people have this MIDI fader turned to off. However, if you could use this MIDI fader to control the outputs volume (like in Logic, Reaper, etc.) this would make this fader useful again.

You could do this in two ways:

  1. The MIDI fader can be modified to control output volume instead of CC7. The same goes for the pan slider.

  2. The MIDI track can be linked to an audio output and then you can access inside the MIDI track to the output volume fader, pan slider, sends and inserts, so you don’t have to work in two separate tracks.

I saw this message in the vsl forum of someone who had the same though 4 years ago. This will be useful not only for VEPro, but for any other multitimbral instrument.

What do you think? Is there any workaround I don’t know to do this?