Midi Volume Filter (Help ?)

Oh but don’t get me wrong: by all means, use the Nord as a master keyboard! (I love my Electro 3, which is my master keyboard too). Just remove it from the remote control devices - i.e. it won’t be used to control functions in Cubase.


I’d say definitely under generic remote, as that’s saved globally, quick controls are per project.
The risk is the same for both, but at least with Quick controls there’s only 8 functions you can mess up by accident :wink:

Ta Strophoid,

Do you you think most people who use a physical keyboard to play the HALion sounds use a specialised DAW type controler keyboard (ie. with knobs/sliders etc), or just any keyboard with Midi on it ?? The Nord is built more for controling sound modules in a live gigging situation rather than controling VSTi’s. Though is of course ok for ‘playing in’ midi notes etc.

I have no idea about the statistics behind that, I know I don’t use a controller keyboard like that :wink:.
My MO6 has remote capabilities where it can control transport, mixer etc in Cubase but I never use it.