Midi volume NOT SET not saved correctly

Hi everyone!
I have a problem with MIDI volume faders in layers.

This is the situation: Layer assigned to HalioSonic, which has several slots loaded inside it, all assigned to the same MIDI channel. The MIDI volume of the layer is assigned to “NOT SET”, and I want it to be like this because within halionsonic each sound loaded into the various slots has its own specific volume, and if I set the MIDI volume of the layer this would obviously make them all the same the volume values ​​of the instrument.

Then I display and the AUDIO volume of the layer

I shared the instrument with other layers of other songs.


When I reopen the project and go to any of the layers that shared the same instrument, the MIDI volume value is automatically set to different values ​​for each Layer… in one it’s 72, in one 91… I’m going crazy!

However, if when I save the layer it displays the MIDI volume this is correctly displayed as “NOT SET” when the project is loaded again.

I have already checked in the preferences that the sharing of global Midi and Audio controls are not selected…

I really don’t understand, can anyone help me?

Thanks for your help!

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Version 1.4.10 su PC Win 10

… sounds like a bug, we’ll check!

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Thank you very much!!!

I think I have a similar problem: the MIDI volume of the songs is not handled correctly. My volume settings in Native Instruments Contact will be overwritten :frowning:
In my opinion a major bug.

… we are already fixing it for the next Pre-Release. This bug was introduced with 1.4.9, please jump back to 1.4.8 if it troubles you at the moment. Installers are still there.



Thank you very much!
I’ll wait until Friday :slight_smile:

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… it’s fixed now. Please re-test it with the next version,

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