Midi volume only affects the 1st(default) in expression maps

Midi volume only affects the 1st(default) expression in expression maps.

Why is that?

I have Hollywood Strings and LASS and I have setup expression maps with all the articulations.

The default articulation is Legato. Legato is the only one that is responding to the Midi Volume(main volume in the key editor track lane)

How can I get all to respond to the midi volume?


It would depend on the Expression Maps. Are they ready-made or made by you? (maybe I could take a look).It’s working o.k. for me here (but obviously I am not using the same maps), even if the articulations are triggered by MIDI channel changes, and even whether directions or attributes.

Yes the expression maps are made by me. Most of my articulations are set up as directions.

I really need the midi volume to affect all articulations(expression maps) not just the first one.

The first on is quieter than the rest.

If you wish, upload the expression map… I’ll see if I can spot anything. :slight_smile:

I looks like Steinberg.net won’t allow me to upload the expressionmap :frowning:

(PM sent :slight_smile: )