MIDI volume resets

Hi- I’ve been using Cubase for at least 15 years and have regularly encountered this- if you adjust the MIDI volume of a track with the slider in the track parameters window, it will reset itself to its default volume upon restart and you have to manually “move” the fader to get it to jump to the level required. It does this with most plugins. Audio tracks however remain intact. Apart from automating the beginning of the track and presetting the level that way, I’ve never encountered a workaround. Any suggestions?

I quit messing with midi volume a long time ago for those types of reasons.

Better to have everything cranked up all the time and adjust the audio or vsti.

If you have imported midi tracks they probably have embedded midi volume events.

I always strip them out along with program changes in list view.

Thanks Tacman7. Great pity- such an awesome DAW with such a small annoying issue.