MIDI volume

I recorded an electric piano track using the Halion sonic instrument. Beacause I was playing sustained chords on a song and on playback the volume was yoo soft. I maxed the volumes during recording and on playback. The sound got lost in the mix. I uesd the midi editor and increased the velocity and that increased the volume. But there’s a point where the chords start sounding harsh and the tone changes. Is there another way to increase the volume?

Aloha j

After getting the tone/sound you want, try sticking a
‘maximizer’/pre-amp type plug on the track and slowly start
to increase the output.

You might start to loose some dynamics but if you
are ‘gentle’, this might work to get the levels up.

Good luck!

Changing velocity on a sound often affects aspects, other than volume, as well, so that’s not necessarily odd.

Does the Audio Fader volume meter on the Instrument Track, or the meter in the mixer, not show “full volume”", or does it show that but the volume is just not loud enough?

One other approach would be to re-mix.

Bring everything else down.

Have you tried turning up the gain on the mixer channel? Either via the channel edit window or the Pre Rack…

Thanks for the tips. I’ll try them.