MIDI Volumes BUG Confirmed..

K. So I’ve got my new super duper win7 DAW. Runs VERY fast.

Just loading in my cubase 5.1 projects and none of the MIDI volumes are sending on loading of a song. The volumes appear to be set properly in the inspector but cubase just isn’t sending them out to my plugins (Halion, Orchestral HQ etc.). My question is this: Is this just a MASSIVE cock up by Steiny or is it something to do with the new automation features in CU5.5? It only seems to happen on 5.1 projects i load into 5.5.3. Maybe there’s a weird setting that gets transferred over from 5.1? Any ideas anyone?

I’ve tried some 5.5.3 new projects and volumes get sent O.K.


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No one have any ideas?

K. Further development on this one. This ONLY happens when you save a project in 5.1, then import into 5.5.3. I’m completely stumped. What does 5.5.3 have that 5.1 doesn’t?

Doesn’t happen in new projects in 5.5.3. Very weird.

O.K. SO i’ve now discovered that if you open a new midi track and a new midi instrument in a project where the problem occurs, the problem won’t occur on that track. Also, if you make a new track but point it to an instrument which is already open (one which was set up in 5.1) then the problem does occur!!! So It’s something to do with instruments that were set up in 5.1 not getting MIDI information properly when they are ported to 5.5.3. Confused as hell…

I’ve managed to nail what is going on. 5.5.3 somehow corrupts the 5.1 track so that it sends out an incorrect volume. I’ve put a file online at:


You will need Halion 2 to open this.

If you take the same track and re assign it to a new instrument it works perfectly, so it only doen’t work on an instrument that was connected in cu 5.1

Quite interesting watching you talk to yourself all the time :laughing:

Yer. Be nice if someone could help me out. I’m stuffed till they do…!!!

Seeing as this is a (very) specific problem that no-one else seems to be experiencing, it is unlikely that there is a “fix”.
But (this depends on how many C5.1 projects you actually have), can’t you just content yourself to open those projects in C5.5.3, reset the fader volumes, then re-save? (you wouldn’t be expecting to go back to 5.1 with them, would you?)

Yep, but it doesn’t save. If it it did that would be fine. I’ve just done a video:


See if you can help

I’m on Mac here, but if you’d care to upload a simple .cpr that exhibits the problem (with a list of what the MIDI fader volumes are supposed to be) I can at least see if those levels are respected when i open the .cpr here (I can still launch Cubase 5.1, and 5.5.3, although I am principally on 6.0.2 now). If you could keep the instruments routed to the standard installed plugins (e.g. HALionOne… I don’t have Halion full), that would be a help (btw, have you checked whether the bug is consistent or just happening with Halion?)

It happens with Eridol HQ ALso. Problem is I’ve installed 5.5.3 now so I can’t make a project with Halion One for you.

Did you see the video? My gut feeling is it’s something to do with the change in automation handling. Let me see if there’s another project with some more standard Plugins. Do you have B4?

My feeling is that those Projects are somehow corrupt (this has nothing whatsoever to do with Automation).

Yes, I do have B4 (I presume you mean v1… I have both).

One other workaround to try…
Having loaded your project into 5.5.3, create new tracks, then drag the Parts from the original tracks on to them (then of course you’ll have to redo your fader levels etc.). Then delete the old tracks and resave (under a new name, of course).

Managed to do a project with the problem. Attached.
new track test.cpr (145 KB)

O.K. I’ll take a look
(but I have just tried here, creating a simple project with HALionOne and B4 in Cubase 5.1. Loaded it into Cubase 5.5.3… it was fine here.)

O.K. I can confirm the bug with your uploaded .cpr.
I’ll do a few more tests, but it seems that not even the workaround of creating new tracks will work. I’ll try to rebuild your test project from scratch…

Thanks dude. Really stumped on this one… Thinking about it, probably a lot of these projects originated in earlier versions of cubase - sx 3 or whatever, though I saved them last in 5.1 (and they work fine in 5.1) so maybe it’s a hang over from that. The error seems to be contained in the parts themselves. Nice to know it’s probably an old bug rather than a new one I guess. Just wish I had a workaround (apart form using automation on every track).


I think your assessment is correct. I have found no workaround at all for your uploaded project (including exporting/importing a track archive into a completely new project… and even as a standard MIDI File!).
On the other hand, recreating your project from scratch in 5.1 and then loading it into C5.5.3 works o.k.

Seems like the volume setting part of the file might be missing. I’ve sent a request to Steiny. See if their boffins can come up with anything… Thanks so much for your help though…