MIDI Volumes not sending

Hi. Just an update. I posted recently about MIDI volumes not sending to Halion or Bosendorfer or Kontakt when a song is loaded. I thought this was just in 5.5.3 onwards, but I’ve just started a new project in 5.1 and have had the same issue, which means it MUST be something I have changed either in preferences or somewhere else in the program. So basically old 5.1 projects I load are working perfectly in 5.1 but not 5.5.3, and new projects created in 5.1 don’t work. I’m massively stumped now.

Please any adeas anyone?

Look to the MIDI filter options in Prefs.

I’ve just got sysex checked. The rest are unchecked. Is this correct?

Are these Instrument tracks, or regular MIDI tracks routed to the VSTi rack?
Have you tried sending that track to a different instrument? (if it is a regular MIDI track, then simply load another VSTi into the rack, and route the MIDI track to it. If it is an Instrument track, you can still change the loaded instrument, via the Instrument track’s Inspector.)