MIDI (VST) drum track to .WAV (can't seem to do)

Any tutorials that work for 10.5?

One video showed a ‘render’ to convert vst/midi into wave file. NOT in Cubase 10.5. So, looked at videos with editing and it’s ridiculously free to do all kinds of stuff and complicated as you want to make it. Which is gets.

But how about this, simply convert the VST/MIDI track into audio .wav file so I can work with it? Good grief!!! Can’t export it into wavelab cause it’s not a .wav file to be ‘found’.

Any videos or straight forward help welcome.

You can use the Export Audio Mixdown function to do this. Check this:


If you want this file in the current project, just put a tick in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog box, in the Import into Project section, where it says Audio Track.