MIDI/VSTi issue - Cubase Elements 10.5

I just got a new computer and started recording after quite a long break. Now I am faced with an issue I’ve never encountered before and I cannot find the reason behind it.
Project is quite simple: one VSTi track running EZDrummer 2 and mono audio tracks for guitars and bass. Everything is in sync at first, metronome with the instrument channel and all audio tracks but out of the blue, the instrument channel’s playback is out of sync with the metronome and the rest of the tracks. What’s stranger is that the instrument channel is ahead of time, something like negative latency I guess.
The only thing that fixes the issue in playback is enabling “constrain delay compensation” but since I’m in the mixing stage here, I need to hear the inserts I’m adding to the channel. I added a second instrument channel with a different VST instrument to see if it was something with EZDrummer and playback is the same. All MIDI starts ahead of the metronome while audio channels playback fine. I never ran into this issue with my old machine
Specs: Ryzen 7 5800HS, 16GB DDR4 and 1TB SSD, audio performance in this particular project is below 20%

Someone please help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Where does the metronome come from? Is it Cubase Audio Metronome (Click)?

Are the MIDI data visually in sync (do they sit at the Grid)?

Are you sure you are using Bars+Beats main Ruler?


Metronome comes from Cubase and everything in the timeline is where it should be.

Seems a compression VST was the problem, can’t figure out why since disabling in did nothing but removing it cleared the issue… good thing is I can get back to work now :slight_smile:

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Did you actually disable the plugin (Alt+Click) or just bypass it? If you did, then that is strange.

I disabled the inserts on the channel… but I guess it was still loaded and just bypassed.

Odd thing, same VST on the Stereo Out BUS does not cause an issue… all tracks play in time with eachother and the metronome. It’s a mastering plugin but has some nice drum bus presets.

On my old 2015 i5 laptop I always had to print the EZDrummer tracks before the mixing stage, it couldn’t handle anything more.