Midi weirdness repeating phrases and notes.

New user of Cubase AI that came with my UR44C, so I thought I would give it a try. What is the deal with midi? I created a new instrument track, chose a Virtual instrument and played a few notes. Then, for no reason, it starts repeating what I played shortly after. Even after I deleted the track, it continued to play a single note every 2 seconds forever. I think I will stick with Cakewalk. I dont like having these odd issues the first time out of the box. It came free with my interface so I guess I got what I paid for.

Just to be clear… I was working out a part on the keyboard. After I stopped, it returns and repeats infinitely. I did not record anything. It just plays a few minutes of me noodling around, mistakes and all. Even after I delete the entire track, 15 minutes later, I am stuck listening to an endless 2 minute loop of garbage. I had to close the project to stop the insanity. But even just closing the project shuts down the entire program sort of. The bar is on top of the screen but I see my desktop. This cant be normal, is it?

Nothing’s normal sometimes. Unplug the midi device and UR and see if it’s still in the project track. If it’s still going It must have recorded it somehow. Save, close, turn off, have a cuppa, turn on, open - is it still there in the track. Try and narrow down the cause/effect to give more of a picture.

Make sure you don’t have an inadvertently snipped bit of track with one little blip that’s hanging about and is too wafer thin to see at the scale you’re working at. Expand the x-axis to inspect, locate and erase. Is a loop defined between markers in the time axis and activated in the transport panel? If there’s a blip it will repeat.

Blips are something you’ll get used to with more complex tracks if you are swapping your snipping between event snapping and timescale snapping then little slithers can get left about. This also happens if you cut/paste time ranges and a part had previously been sized/extended forward (to catch the pre-note attack of a bass guitar for example) into the preceeding part that is no longer adjacent. So that little extended bit gets cut off and is orphaned in the ether of your track until you’re pulling your hair out in the final mix because there’s a blip somewhere you can’t pinpoint.

Some HaLion instruments have “sequencers” built in so they play additional unanticipated techno noises vaguely associated with the trigger note for some time after the trigger happens. So if the trigger/blip is feeding one of those then it might go on for a bit even if it’s not on a user-defined loop. So see what’s selected off the menu and choose something basic like a decimated piano and see if that makes any difference.

I remedied my latest (totally different) hiccup by re-starting the laptop instead of shutting down and turning on again. I don’t know why that worked but it got its knickers out of a twist.