midi will not record

First I have cubase le 5 PC,us-1800 tascam. Rcording works fine in all other DAW. When I try to record midi tracks transport show midi activity, when I hit stop the midi line clears, (as if I didn’t hit record. I can place note in by hand and they will play back I have re-installed all software and drivers,


Give it a try with an instrument track. :wink:

Are you saying whenever you’re recording, Cubase is drawing a new MIDI part into the track, but when hitting stop, it disappears. This happens if there is nothing recorded to the part. But because you have activity in transport, there should be something coming in. I can only think about two possible reasons:

  1. You have not selected the right MIDI input for your track
  2. There’s MIDI filtering going on somewhere (eg File | Preferences … MIDI Filter)

I’m having the same problem

I can t get any VST instruments to play.
I have instrument track selected, with HALionOne (or any other) on a preset, turned on,
input selected to all midi or US1800, record enabled, monitor on.
I m using a midi controller thru the US1800 interface,
and can see midi in activity on the transport bar, but no midi activity on the HALionOne editor.
Even when I use the virtual keyboard it wont play. Am I missing an output somewhere…What am I doing wrong?


What happens if you enable the monitor on the VST track?

If you import an existing midi file does it play that back OK?