MIDI won't record


I’m having trouble getting a midi track to record. I really don’t want to play in real time; I just want to use the key editor to plot notes. It is for a percussion track. But it won’t give me the key editor until there is a recorded midi track.

I’ve read the Getting Started guide on this, and I have activated the VST instrument. then I selected it as the output for the midi track. When I hit the “e” button to edit the midi channel, there’s a sort of drumpad I can play on and I can hear the notes. However, nothing is registering on the track’s level indicators. And when I try to make a recording, nothing is recorded (and in fact when I hit the stop button after recording, the recording “object” disappears.

I’ve attached a screenshot (for some reason the forum is having trouble with the [img] function, the image is also available here:


Any ideas? if I can just get a tiny bit of recording on there, I think I can open up the key editor and take it from there to plot the notes where I want them.

thank you.

Double click to the right of the midi track where you want a midi event, and cubase will create an empty event for you between the locators.

OMG you saved me! thank you! I swear it doesn’t say that in the manual. I spent 4 hours last night trying to figure it out and I basically resolved to having no drums on my song. THANK YOU!!

You’re welcome :sunglasses: