MIDI workflow improvements

  1. Multiple MIDI event editing improvement
    Select multiple MIDI events e.g. events on the down beat across four bars and then when we hit the right arrow on our keyboard all events shift one to the right.
  2. Events stay selected after Gluing
    If I decide to change two 16th notes into one 8th note in a reacurring pattern, I can’t do it with just the arrow key and Glue because every time I Glue, the MIDI event deselects which means I have to grab the mouse between each Glue command.
  3. Lenght of a MIDI event displayed with KC
    Often I would like to know how long in seconds a MIDI event is. The Key Editor doesn’t have the option to set the Ruler to Seconds.
  4. Preference for the Glue function
    In the Project View selecting an event and Gluing Glues the next event whereas in the Key Editor it Glues the previous event.
  5. Create Note Expression or CC curves across multiple instruments simultaneously.

Ctrl + right arrow doesn’t do what you want?

In my Cubase Glue always glues the clicked event with the following event. In Project and Key Editor.

Do you mean not at all or just not as a key command?

Actually this might be a bug. The event will stay selected when it is not involved in the glueing. Only if one of the two events that you glue was selected the selection gets lost.
You can use the arrow keys (left / right) to select a new event if you don’t want to pickup the mouse but, yeah, looks like a misbehaviour of Cubase.


I’m on Cubase Pro 10.5 here and it behaves the way I described.

As a KC. If we hade Info Line configurations available with KC’s that could also work.

I just tried this out, but whether I select one or both of the events, after Gluing the selection get’s lost. Thanks for the input though. :grinning:

Yeah, I am on V12.0.40, so some of your requests got addressed already.

The best is to use the logic editor
and create the desired presets
which saves considerable time
For example
I can either select all 8th note

or select the first beat

and transform into a 16th note

Then I use a touch screen
so it’s easier and faster

Luke Johnson aka Jononotbono has created several dozen Logical Presets that address editing just the emphasis of certain notes. I can’t think of any combination he didn’t write a LE for. This way you can edit the selected.

Attached is just a small amount of LE presets that I use often.

There are many more that work the same, but I only use these 30 presets the most. This is my Metagrid page of Lukes presets. These are just Logical Editor presets, nothing more.

I got these many years ago when Metagrid was new, but I’m not able to find them at the Metagrid website. I’m sure Luke would send you or anyone else a download link if you wish.

I have also posted the link in prior Cubase threads, but can’t find it atm.

Yes it’s the same thing for me with Sherlock of 14bitMIDI

One of my (recently seen) favourite MIDI/Key Editor workflow improvements I’d like to see:-
Is this possible in Cubase? (MIDI note stretching) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Hi, Thanks for the tips. I use the LE extensively in my workflow also.

Could you please confirm that [Ctrl]+Right Arrow while multiple MIDI events are selected will select the event to the right of ALL selected MIDI events in Cubase 12?.
This method of selecting multiple MIDI events would be excellent; just select the down beat in each bar and then tap/hold the arrow key to cycle through to the desired events. :grin:

Yeah, Luke’s LE tutorial helped me a lot when starting out. :sweat_smile:


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Really very good.

For anyone else, I found the Logical Editor presets. Probably over a hundred of them.
then Downloads>scroll down to “resources” download that.
then open app specific resources>cubase>logical edit folder.

And again, thanks Jono!

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I just installed the Cubase 12 demo and found that Gluing in the Project View, Glues the next event and in the Key Editor it Glues the previous event. And then I found that the Ctrl+ right arrow with multiple event selected doesn’t shift the selection along one. In fact as long as the Ctrl key is down the right arrow doesn’t work at all. :grinning:

This feature was just added to Dorico in the latest 4.3 update. Hopefully we’ll also see it in the next Cubase update, would be a bit embarassing if Dorico’s piano roll becomes better than the one in Cubase, no? :wink:

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To change the length of selected notes, you can select the correct duration with 5/6 keypad buttons (Ctrl/Alt for triolet and pointed) and use the 4 button to apply without unselect.

Regarding move selection: I have to apologize. I am certain I did it back when I wrote that it is possible but now I am not able to reproduce this behaviour anymore.

Regarding the glueing in Key Editor:

Try the Glue key command.

What I am trying to do is this:


I did this with the Logical Editor. But with the enormous amount of different note lengths and quantize options, accommodating an LE preset for each would be very hard.

Same result for me as if I use the mouse. Not sure why it is different for you. Maybe it has something to do with having multiple versions installed (=multiple preference folders).

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