MidiBinding with a set of different notes

my controller (PreSonus FaderPort) has a record-button and a (record-)footswitch, which I also want use for to start the recording.
Both, the record-button and the record-footswitch, are generating a note, 0x5F as when the record-button is pressed and 0x66 as when the record-footswitch is pressed.
The code, if only one record-functionality is needed, is easy:

    .bindToNote (0, 0x5F)  // record-button


    .bindToNote (0, 0x66)  // record-footswitch

But what is the code, when I want to use both at the same time?
Is it possible, to make a MidiBinding with a set of different notes?


Just make two objects:

  • btn_Record
  • pdl_Record