Please add Midibus to your application. I think this is going to be the standard for getting clock sync to work on ipad. As it stands now cubasis cannot receive midi clock (and it should) and the clock it sends is ALL over the place. A lot of apps don’t even detect it. Adding midibus is really quick and easy. Please do it. I bought Midibus right away and am in full support of it. Lots of deva are already getting onboard. Note it has no relation to audiobus

I love cubasis and look forward to watching it mature.

Me too!


So I purchased MIDIbus to see how it works. Its the first time in my iOS music making life that I experienced a completely solid MIDI clock between applications. I was using DM1, Loopy, and Thesys (controlling sunrizer) all at the same time and everything was as tight as an integrated DAW on the computer. I really hope people take this seriously because it is the tightest MIDI clock I’ve ever experience on any platform hardware or software :slight_smile:. Too bad hardly any of the major iOS DAW’s allow external MIDI clock sync because this would be the end all be all of MIDI clock on iOS