Midifile editing and recording

I’m using cubase 8 IE.
When I import a midifile and then would like to change sound, it is not stores afterwards. I click on the record buttom and write automation buttom and play the song to the end. But it goes back to the old settings…
Can you help ?
Regards Claus

Hi and welcome,

Open the List Editor. Most probably you will see Program Change data written here in the track. This defines the “sound”. Also MIDI CC 0 and MIDI CC 32 (Bank Select). Delete them to be able to write your own data or just change these values.

Cubase LE doesn’t have the list editor.
Use the controller lane.


Ups, sorry, Cubase LE… Yes, the Controller lane in the Key Editor does the same job (just not so direct, because you have to switch among the specific MIDI CCs and Program Change lanes).