Midigate silent

When i load Midigate, there is no sound from my midi channel.
i have bought a Mac M1…
could this be an issue ?


How is the MIDI Gate setup? Do you send MIDI Bites with the Volume higher than the Gate’s threshold is?

MIDIGATE is an Audio Effect not a MIDI Effect.

I works exactly like a regular Audio Gate except instead of using a Sidechain Audio signal to trigger the Gate, it uses MIDI Note-On/Off Commands to open and close the Gate.


not sure what you mean. i wanted to use it for ducking a synth… i’m twirling all the knobs…
not much on the net on this…
i have just loaded Tal-filter plug-in… i guess it does same thing

Can you post a screenshot showing how you have this setup.

Ok. I suspect that you don’t have MIDI properly routed to the MIDI Gate, which is needed to trigger the Gate to open. What’s below is for a PC & while I think MIDI routing works the same on a Mac, not totally sure.

I’ve put a MIDI Gate onto a vocal Track in this screenshot. Just below the vocal Track is a MIDI Track that will be used to trigger the MIDI Gate.

But to make that work I also need to set the MIDI Output on the MIDI Track so it controls the MIDI Gate.

thanks so much !! that’s great info to get me starred !
while waiting , i found out how to use Squasher to get me that ‘side-chain-compression’ thing. now i wanna see what midigate is all about.